Monday, 23 April 2012

There are more properties in the bay then the ones I have told you about but I thought I would start by telling you about the ones you know At no1 Lighthouse road is the general store owned by Cynthia and Robert (bob) Cynthia runs the shop and bob is a fisherman. They have 3 children Martin is training to be a doctor but works as the lifeguard when he is home from university in the summer. Henry likes surfing he rents out deck chairs and surfboards on the beach and generally dose as little as possible. Sandra is the youngest and is still at school and likes going out with her best friend Brenda and meting boys. They live above the shop there home is a bit old fashioned but very comfortable the kettle is always on and everyone is welcome Cynthia runs the general store but rents out part of it to Dave The baker but he is busy baking so he employs Bessie to work in the shop Bessie had to go bake to work when her husband left her (but we don’t talk about that). The other side of the shop is rented out to Roy the butcher who is helped by Billy the butcher’s boy.

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