Friday, 9 October 2015

Nothing big has happened in the last few weeks  but lots of small bits added to different properties. Two new arrivals in Harbour Cottage  are Lexi and Logan who are happily playing in the bedroom. A couple of extra bits in the living room as there is a sofa bed in here so it doubles as an extra bedroom i changed the coffee table for a wooden blanket box so the bedding can be stored away in the day and there is a nice large set of drawers so whoever is sleeping in there can put all their things away.
Barnacle cottage  as had the bedroom wall paper changed and there is  some lovely fresh vex  in  the kitchen ready for dinner tea and biscuits are on the coffee table ready for a visiter.

the pub has had a delivery of salad and vegetable boxes  and now as pie chips and peas on the bar menu. the store now as a magazine section. I think that's it for now.