Thursday, 26 July 2012

Well holiday is over I have started tidying dolls hose room still lots to do but I have made a start. I have made a few things to fill my shop back up as have had few sales.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Well I had a lovely holiday in Cornwall until we had a problem on the way home. The weather was very hot and sunny so did not do much shopping and I have not got anything much for my houses. I really need to sort out the dolls house room my daughter has moved back home so lots of things that where in her room have got dumped in the dolls house room I would like to get it done before I go back to work on Monday. I really want to get started on all the changes I have planned for the bay and possibly squeeze a few of new projects in. my Etsy shop is going very well I am getting quite a few sales now and have had some lovely messages from customers saying how much they love their things and it is nice to think of my things in dolls houses all over the world I have sent things to Canada Australia America Italy and even some to the uk. I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather and hopefully over the weekend I will have things to show you.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Well about 4 hours and I am off to Cornwall so probably not being any posts for a few days. The weather is not very good I am hoping it is going to get better but the forecast is not good. So if I cannot go to the beach I will have to visit the shops you never know what you will find and I might come back with ideas for new properties.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I have just realised I have not told you about the changes I am planning for the bay. When I did the market stall I loved it but I needed more room for what I really wanted so I have been having a play and thinking and I think the plan is what was the sweet shop is going to be an ice-cream paler the market stall will be the sweet shop the soap box will be a homeware shop and when I get a smaller shop to go on the bookcase that will be the soap box I hope you are all following this. I decided to empty the soap box I have put it all safe reedy for the new shop and try some things in the shop it’s not exactly how I want it but I was having a play to see how it would go so her is how it looks for now. It will need a name but I have not come up with anything yet. I probably will not get much done this week as I am getting ready for my tripe to Cornwall and I have had a good week in my shop with  2 orders going to Canada and 1 to America strange to think or my dolls house things all over the world.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

I am off to Cornwall next week and I am really looking forward to it. you never know what you will find when you are away last year I came back with three beach hut money boxes that I got for £2. I used two of them for the punch and Judy and the life guard I got some post cards to make posters and a serf board that was about the right size to use with the other beach things. So I will be looking in all the gift shops and charity shops when I am away. I just hope the weather gets better it is not very good down there just now. I know it is not dolls house but I thought you might like to see my luxury holiday apartment With fully fitted kitchen splashes living room and lovely cosy bedroom.