Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I would like to share  the photos taken at last month’s st piran's day  events there was a Cornish pasty  competition  1st prize caused a bit of a fuse as it went to a Mrs Cradock who is only a visitor to the village not even a local 2nd prize went to Hilda one of the cleaning lady’s and the 3rd prize was given to miss Holly Day who works in the gift shop  . in the evening was a talent show  sir john and Roxanne where the judges . jack red some lovely poems he wrote about his days as a miner bob gave a demonstration of fishing bill played the spoons Dave did traditional morris dancing martin sang a song and Darcy showed everyone what she had learnt at the local dance studio and the winners in reverse order in 3rd place jack 2nd was martin and the winner was Darcy miss Kristy her dance teacher was very proud

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