Monday, 23 April 2012

Next to the village hall is the soap box a shop selling soaps and toiletries  it is owend by the bays newest resident Roberta Berty to her friends  .she as moving from London as it has too many sad memories for her Roberta’s husband Raimond died last year after a long illness. Berty met Raimond when she worked for a well-known designer the one Roxanne likes so much Raimond was perfumer in Paris they met and fell in love and where married a week later they were very happy for 26 years until Raimond sadly died. Berty as 2 children Robert who is 20 and like his grandfather Bertys farther is in the navy and Isabelle who is 15 Isabelle will be staying in London with her ante in term time so as not to disrupt her schooling but will be with Berty in the holidays. Berty chose Cornwall as they all hade lovely holidays there when the children where young and she wanted to make a new start. The shop will sell a mixture of luxury toiletries from top suppliers and some homemade products made to her granny’s recipes her granny lived in wales and was 102 when she died all the ladies for mails around used to go to her for her lotions and potions when she died she left berty her big book of recipes all made using natural products. I am sure Berty will settle in the bay and make lots of new friends it will be interesting to see how Roxanne gets on with her Roxanne tries very hard to be sophisticated and stylish but bertty does not have to try she is just naturally very stylish Roxanne can be very competitive and a bit of a snob Berty is very kind and helpful.

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