Sunday, 23 March 2014

I was asked recently about the B&B owners and there gests always happy to share stores about the people who live in st Pirans bay so I thought I would share it hear . Hopefully very soon you will get to meat most of this people but for now hear is a bit about them.

The B&B is owned by a lovely couple named Marry and Dave they are in there 30s and originally come from Yorkshire but came to the bay in their late teens to work the summer they came back for 3 or 4 summer seasons but they loved it so much they decided they wanted to stay and have been her ever since. They have just bought the B&B so it will be there first summer as the new owners as well as the B&B Dave is the manager of the bays only amusement arcade so works long hours but as it does not open until 11 am he is there to help Mary do breakfast and he cooks the most amazing full English you have ever tried. Mary keeps the B&B spotlessly clean serves breakfast takes the bookings dose the shopping as all the ingredients are from local suppliers and just keeps things running smithy. All the gests love Mary as she is so much fun and so friendly to everyone. In the main part of the hopefully busy summer sedan Mary will be getting some help from Joann she is a student and a family friend of Marys from back Home in Yorkshire. She will be there to help clean the rooms and serve the meals but I am sure she will have lots of time for fun as this will be her first time away from home.

 The B&B has 4 rooms room 1 we cannot see we just see the door to it at the bottom of the stares as it is a ground floor room it is a large Family room with a double bed and a set of bunk beds there is also a fold up bed and cot that can be added if needed.  This room is occupied by a family I don’t know much about yet I just know they have 2 young children possibly a baby as well and they come to the bay for their holidays every year when I find out more about them I will let you know.

 Room 2 is the large double on the 1st floor it is occupied by a Honeymoon couple Sophie and James they were both born and brought up in the bay but moved to London for work. They are in there mid 20s and Sophie is a midwife and James works for is uncle as an accountant. They came home to the bay to get married and had their reception in the local village hall with all their family and friends it was a lovely sunny day and everything was perfect. For reasons of privacy they did not want to stay with family after their wedding so are staying in the B&B and enjoying spending their time visiting all the local places they know and love like the cinema in a nearby town where they went on their first date when they were 17 or the restraint owned by the fames TV chef where James proposed to Sophie when they came home for Christmas 2 years ago.

 In room 3 the smaller double on the 2nd floor is Piper and Max Piper is in  her mid 40s Max is about 10 years older he is a partner in a firm of solicitors in Stratford-upon-Avon. Piper used to be maxes sectary but now likes to spend her time shopping and doing lunch with the girls with just an occasional bit of charity work. A B&B is not quite what they are used to but they  love the bay are here  to buy a property just outside the bay  and as the only accommodation is the B&B  a couple of self-catering Holladay lets or the local camp sit they had to make do with B&B.  They seem a very respectable couple if a bit posh but there were some strange things found in there room when it was being cleaned. there was a copy of a very well-known book that was a best seller a couple of years ago also I think they must be doing some research in to medieval torcher or something as there was a strange colophon of whips changes and handcuffs.

Room 4 is the small single room also on the 2nd floor staying in there is Emma she is 21 and her to vast friends who she meat when she was her with her family on Holladay when she was 10 her family often vested the bay for holidays and Emma meat up with the same friends every time and still loves to come back and visit. Emma is in her last year at university where she is training to be a teacher. She as just arrived in the bay but as heard a rumour that Dylan is back in the bay he has been in Australia for the past 6 months working as a life guard and entering some surfing competitions. Emma is very keen to bump into Dylan and with his cousin Ava as one of Emma’s closes friends I am sure it will happen as long as between them they can keep Serenity whose dad runs the local serf school out of the way.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

 I made a start on the furniture for the dining room I don’t have tables yet I am not sure whether to use round or square and whether to do them to match other items or just in white

Hear it is all put back together

Thursday, 13 March 2014

This is how it is looking today still lots to do but defiantly better than no front

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I am not allowed to play with power tools so I cut the front with a sharp craft knife I had to cut some from the top and dawn the side. So now I had the main part and the roof part with the tow windows that goes at the top I can re-use as it is. So that just left the small section on the right. I got the original front and cut a some thick card the same size.  in the card where the windows where on the shop front I cut holes for two smaller windows  I had.  I painted all the windows in my favourite Farrow and Ball blue paint.  I am now waiting for them to dry and then I can paint the walls.

Its bean a long time sins I posted anything as I have not got anything done on the B&B. as you all know my dolls house are in my work room and it gets very dusty and dirty with all the paint I sometimes use spray paints and in winter cannot work outside but it gets everywhere and so does all the dust from sanding items all the time. The B&B had no front on as the original one was a shop front and was no good for the B&B. I thought about having one made but don’t really have the money spar just now and the inside is starting to get dirty. I had I front that I acquired a long time ago that I really like but it was too big so thought it would be no good. I decided to have a go at cutting it down to fit.
This is how it looked before it became the B&B
And the front that was too big