Tuesday, 25 November 2014

I have not had any news from the bay for a long time but i have been saying i want a new house and on Saterday i was given one by my brother he bought it a few years ago from a charity shop for his granddaughter who no longer plays with it. It has been used by a child so needs some tlc and completely redoing but is undamaged and has 4 good size rooms so i think with some work i can do something with it. I am thinking maybe a pub but a modern Witherspoon style pub that is in a building not built as a pub maybe call it the old town hall or something that says the building had a previous use. not definite that is what i will do and i am very busy with orders just now so think it will be after Christmas before i start work on it so if any one has other ideas for it i would love to hear theme or any pub names for it.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

It can get very expensive decorating a dollhouse but you can save money  on lots of things from DIY stores or shops like the £1 shop. £1 shop sells packs of vinyl floor styles with different designs  these make great flooring for a dolls house. Many DIY stores will let you take a sample of wall paper or sell off very cheep part rolls that have been used for samples find ones with small patterns for decorating dolls houses tester pots  of paint are also good for decorating a dolls house  instead of buying large tins of paint. Here are some rooms  i have decorated using  £1 shop flooring and sample wall paper.