Thursday, 1 May 2014

A very busy time in the bay

Time for an update on what’s been happening it’s been a very busy time in the bay with another Holladay weekend on the way everyone been trying to get everything up and running.  In the salon Laura has had a delivery of luxury shapes and conditioners to use in the salon and for customers to buy there is one for every hair type so pop in and get the right one for yoyo. Also the salon has now had signs put up so everyone can find it.

The fish and chip shop as also had new signs inside and out and hopefully tomorrow will have tables and chairs for the upstairs restraint.

There is a new shop on the beach called the beach hut and it sells everything you need for a day at the beach swim suits suntan loosen flip flops hats buckets beach balls fishing nets and much more. Planning permission has been given for an ice cream/drinks stand to go next to the beach hut.

St Pirans bay does not have a proper Police station but for many years the local PC Bobby has lived in the Police house and looked after things in the bay but Bobby has just retired and moved with his wife to a lovely new bungalow with a sea view. The residents where  very sad about Bobby retiring until they found out his son Nick was moving back to the bay from a large city to tack the job as the local PC and to live in the police house with his wife Alex who is a nurse. They are a young couple so want to completely redo the House before they move in but the office at the side where nick will work from and residents and visitors can find him if they need to is all reedy for him.

At the B&B the hotel inspector came by to stay a lovely lady and she loved the B&B so much she gave it a 5 stare rating  so the signs have now  gone up on the B&B the signee writer has been very busy this week.