Sunday, 26 July 2015

I need some things for the pub kitchen but looking around there's not much available and what is is very expensive so I decided to have a go at adapting some things. As a trained chef and having worked in many industrial kitchens I know how I wanted it to look so got a few bits together and added a bit of paint and card and this is what I have come up with so far I have ordered a self unit which i will also be painting silver and I think I know what sink i want but no funds to buy one yet the sink will go next to the fridge in the corner and shelves will be next to the door and filled with pots and pans. It needs lots of exercise and i am thinking of adding some lights in the fridge and oven.

Harbour Cottage living room including a miniature copy of one of my wedding photos as this is meant to be how I would have my house if i lived in the bay.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Ok I thought it was about time for a general catch up for anyone following life in the Bay. There is a new shabby chic style home wher shop does not have a name yet all ideas welcome there is also a gift shop open but this might change at the end of the summer season as hopefully the gift shop will move into a new property with a sweet shop on the ground floor just waiting for the town planners to give consent and funds to be raised. the store is increasing the different products it stocks as business is doing well there may be a new rage of bakery products later this week as well as some organic fresh veg. the holiday let bedroom is getting a makeover and it also has a new pretty pink cooker. the dresser and table in Harbour Cottage kitchen finally got pained and the attick bedroom is being made in to a childrens room ready for the children that will be arriving later in the year.Barnacle cottage has had a complete makeover and will also be getting a new resident later in the year and I am sure she will create lots of interest and gossip in the bay. Sadly the builders still can not come up with a suitable plane for the Pub so that is on hold for now but the bay will eventually have a pub whether in this building or a new building. I think thats all for now but watch out for the new arrivals.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

a few changes in Harbour Cottage I have lots of adult bedrooms but really wanted to do a child's bedroom  Harbour Cottage only has 3 rooms but has fals doors so i have always imagined it would have more rooms at the back so decided it was ok to do the only bedroom as a child's room as the adult one would be at the back along with the bathroom and we just can not see them. This cottage was always meant to be how I would do it if it was my real house by the sea so i am doing the bedroom how I know my granddaughter would love her seaside bedroom to be. It needs lots more things but i like how it is so far. I have also finally got around to painting the kitchen dresser and table and added some lovely food  a lovely lunch of quiche and salad is being prepared before everyone goes of for an afternoon at the beach.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

The little pink shop has been sitting empty since i got it and i keep looking at it and thinking how sad it looks. I do have plans for it but don't know when it will happen so i decided to put a few bits and pieces in there and make it into gift shop with a selection of locally made items seaside items and  gift shop items. I need to put some more in there but for now here is how it looks.