Monday, 30 April 2012

Hi  just to let you all know  I am still hear and I have not forgotten  my blog but not much has happened in the bay things are at a bit of a standstill I went to a dolls house fare on Sunday but was a bit disappointed  I did not get any of the things I need  but the good news is I sold some things on eBay so had a bit of cash so I have order some beds for the holiday let and a table for the soap box so I will be waiting for the postman every day well I have nothing ells to tell you  but please come back soon and don’t forget to follow my blog to have a chance of wining the prize

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The bays newest shop is the beach hut selling everything you need for a lovely day at the beach today they have been busy stocking the shop ready for the start of the summer season  just hope we get some nice  weather so we can have those days at the beach

If you have an idea of what the market stall should be you can vote further down this page or you can leave a comment hear with a different idea thanks for your help?

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I would like to explain a bit about my town  when I only had 2 houses I wanted them to be 1950s and I still  want to keep them like that and when I fest started doing the other property’s I stuck with the 50s but as I did more it seemed a shame to be restricted to the 50s so I had to decide  do I stay only with the 50s do I change the first 2 property’s to make them more up to date .I did not like ether option so after a lot of thinking I decided  they are my projects and I can use a bit of artistic license if I want so the town is set in the 50s but you might see things that would not have been about in the 50s like the lifeguard  hoody’s in the beech shop that are very pooler in every gift shop in Cornwall today and for the last 10 to15 but you would not have seen them in the 50s and the TV in sea view is defiantly  later than the 50s and  one of the cottages I am doing as I would if I lived in it I really wanted to do a house how I would like it not what was right  for the time so I decided I would do this with the cottage  so it will have a large flat screen TV and lots of dvd my husband would never live in a house without this   and I need my lap top and a good kitchen  so nothing in this one will be 1950s. I do not know if you would have found a shop like the soap box in the 50s but again it was something I really wanted to do. the fish shop/cafĂ© dose have a 50s look and the other cottage is done in a way that could be any time  like I said  there were lots of  things I really wanted to do but I loved the idea that all the property’s where in the same town rather than lots of individual projects . so  you will just have to imagine there is a bit of time travel in the bay but every one lives happily together there  and when we are all celebrating the quines jubilee this year in the bay it’s the 50s so it will be the coronation  . I hope you all followed that ok and it stops any confusion although I think I might have just coursed a lot more confusion

Roxanne is very proud of her newly decorated shop and she has asked me to invite you all to have a look at her shop and what is on offer. She as a lovely selection of lingerie and daywear to dutiful bridal dresses then there is a good selection of perfume and jewellery   and hats for every occasion   then there is the ever changing seasonal department showing the spring collection at the minuet again with lingerie daywear including dresses and suits and then there is the lovely evening dresses 

I do try and make as much as I can myself and I think I made just about everything in the shop cloths perfume bags and julry

I would like to share  the photos taken at last month’s st piran's day  events there was a Cornish pasty  competition  1st prize caused a bit of a fuse as it went to a Mrs Cradock who is only a visitor to the village not even a local 2nd prize went to Hilda one of the cleaning lady’s and the 3rd prize was given to miss Holly Day who works in the gift shop  . in the evening was a talent show  sir john and Roxanne where the judges . jack red some lovely poems he wrote about his days as a miner bob gave a demonstration of fishing bill played the spoons Dave did traditional morris dancing martin sang a song and Darcy showed everyone what she had learnt at the local dance studio and the winners in reverse order in 3rd place jack 2nd was martin and the winner was Darcy miss Kristy her dance teacher was very proud
I would like you all to meat Agatha she was the local teacher for many years but is retired now Agatha never married and lived with her sister until she died 2 years ago now she lives alone except for her cat Agatha keeps busy writing murder mystery stories. Agatha knows everyone in the town and all about them even things they do not know she knows she is a very kind genital old lady and people do not always realise she is there so she accidently overhears many a convers ashen  she bases many of the people in her books on people in the bay .

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

There is one very special house I forgot to tell you about it is not mine but lives in the doll’s house room with all the others

Good morning everyone it is a sad day for me I had some very sad news so I am going to use this blog to keep me busy and stop me thinking about real life too much.

Yesterday I told you about all the property’s in the bay and you met some of the residents there are many more to meet I am putting pages with more photos of each property if anyone wants to look. I told you about all the houses and shops I have for now but there are others that so far only exist in my imagination as I do not have room for them but hope one day will be able to have them for real I know exactly what rooms they would have how they are decorated and who lives in them so you will often hear stories about houses you have not seen  like bay side hall the home of  Sir John and lady Daphne Bay side Hall has been in sir johns family for 200 years Lady Daphne is his second wife and is much younger than sir john she spends her time shopping or having privet tennis lessons with her young very attractive tennis coach .sir John likes to play golf when he is not in London on busyness he has one daughter Audrey .Audrey’s mother died in a car crash when Audrey was five she does not get on very well with her step mother Daphne. Audrey likes panting and went to art school in Paris.

Lady Daphne is the one in the shop with the hat box

Monday, 23 April 2012

This is Dave and Bessie from the bakery
As I side before I do not like to gossip but these tow have become very close recently

Bessies children Timothy and Kathy they are being looked after by their ant Helen as Bessie is working Helen is married to the milk man Ernie and is expecting her first baby
I told you about Roxanne’s shop Gowns and Garters so now to meet the family. Roxanne Gerard Margaret and Elizabeth Gerard’s parents Ronald and Gloria and the cleaner Hilda

At the end of the row is Barnacle cottage and harbour cottage Barnacle cottage is owned by Caroline who works in Gowns and Garters. Harbour cottage is not finished it is being renovated by a lovely couple Amanda and Ken

Above the soap box is sea view the holiday let it is a lovely little flat it might be small but it has everything you could need for a lovely holiday in the bay it is having a loft conversion and when it is finished it will have an extra bedroom and a new bathroom

Next to the village hall is the soap box a shop selling soaps and toiletries  it is owend by the bays newest resident Roberta Berty to her friends  .she as moving from London as it has too many sad memories for her Roberta’s husband Raimond died last year after a long illness. Berty met Raimond when she worked for a well-known designer the one Roxanne likes so much Raimond was perfumer in Paris they met and fell in love and where married a week later they were very happy for 26 years until Raimond sadly died. Berty as 2 children Robert who is 20 and like his grandfather Bertys farther is in the navy and Isabelle who is 15 Isabelle will be staying in London with her ante in term time so as not to disrupt her schooling but will be with Berty in the holidays. Berty chose Cornwall as they all hade lovely holidays there when the children where young and she wanted to make a new start. The shop will sell a mixture of luxury toiletries from top suppliers and some homemade products made to her granny’s recipes her granny lived in wales and was 102 when she died all the ladies for mails around used to go to her for her lotions and potions when she died she left berty her big book of recipes all made using natural products. I am sure Berty will settle in the bay and make lots of new friends it will be interesting to see how Roxanne gets on with her Roxanne tries very hard to be sophisticated and stylish but bertty does not have to try she is just naturally very stylish Roxanne can be very competitive and a bit of a snob Berty is very kind and helpful.

On Harbour view
is the village hall which is built above the life boat station the main hall is a large room with a stage it is a very important building in the bay it is used for party’s wedding receptions concerts the Christmas fair and the pantomime. The upstairs room is Miss Kristy’s school of dance and performing arts