Friday, 14 October 2016

 The sweet shop  is a sweet shop downstairs and will be a gift shop upstairs but all the items in the gift shop will be things that if it were a real shop would have been made locally so pottery candles painting hand knied items possibly even preserves and pickles. This is a project i have had in my head for years but did not have the property to do it the sweet shop is already close to being finished. There are jars of sweets and shelves of chocolates and fudge it also as a candy floss machine and will have an ice cream counter. Outside is a special item when Lexie was very small we asked her what she would do for a job when she was big her answer was i will have a bike and ride it on the beach selling ice cream to everyone. I am not sure about riding a bike on the sand but the busyness idea from a 3 year old was a very good one now she's 6 and thinking more an ice cream shop. Last year at a dolls house fare i spotted a pink bike with a box on the front and just thought of lexie with her ice cream so i had to have it. I am going to make some ice cream to go in it and it will sit outside the shop so passing customers can buy an ice cream. 

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