Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Good morning everyone it is a sad day for me I had some very sad news so I am going to use this blog to keep me busy and stop me thinking about real life too much.

Yesterday I told you about all the property’s in the bay and you met some of the residents there are many more to meet I am putting pages with more photos of each property if anyone wants to look. I told you about all the houses and shops I have for now but there are others that so far only exist in my imagination as I do not have room for them but hope one day will be able to have them for real I know exactly what rooms they would have how they are decorated and who lives in them so you will often hear stories about houses you have not seen  like bay side hall the home of  Sir John and lady Daphne Bay side Hall has been in sir johns family for 200 years Lady Daphne is his second wife and is much younger than sir john she spends her time shopping or having privet tennis lessons with her young very attractive tennis coach .sir John likes to play golf when he is not in London on busyness he has one daughter Audrey .Audrey’s mother died in a car crash when Audrey was five she does not get on very well with her step mother Daphne. Audrey likes panting and went to art school in Paris.

Lady Daphne is the one in the shop with the hat box

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