Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I would like to explain a bit about my town  when I only had 2 houses I wanted them to be 1950s and I still  want to keep them like that and when I fest started doing the other property’s I stuck with the 50s but as I did more it seemed a shame to be restricted to the 50s so I had to decide  do I stay only with the 50s do I change the first 2 property’s to make them more up to date .I did not like ether option so after a lot of thinking I decided  they are my projects and I can use a bit of artistic license if I want so the town is set in the 50s but you might see things that would not have been about in the 50s like the lifeguard  hoody’s in the beech shop that are very pooler in every gift shop in Cornwall today and for the last 10 to15 but you would not have seen them in the 50s and the TV in sea view is defiantly  later than the 50s and  one of the cottages I am doing as I would if I lived in it I really wanted to do a house how I would like it not what was right  for the time so I decided I would do this with the cottage  so it will have a large flat screen TV and lots of dvd my husband would never live in a house without this   and I need my lap top and a good kitchen  so nothing in this one will be 1950s. I do not know if you would have found a shop like the soap box in the 50s but again it was something I really wanted to do. the fish shop/cafĂ© dose have a 50s look and the other cottage is done in a way that could be any time  like I said  there were lots of  things I really wanted to do but I loved the idea that all the property’s where in the same town rather than lots of individual projects . so  you will just have to imagine there is a bit of time travel in the bay but every one lives happily together there  and when we are all celebrating the quines jubilee this year in the bay it’s the 50s so it will be the coronation  . I hope you all followed that ok and it stops any confusion although I think I might have just coursed a lot more confusion

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