Monday, 23 April 2012

Hi and welcome to Life in the small Cornish town of st Pirans Bay.
You might be thinking I have never herd of it well that is because it only exists in my box room .let me explain. as a child I always wanted a dolls house but never had one over the years I would sometimes see them and I would admire them when my girls where small they had a lot of Sylvania family that I think I played with more than them anyway about 3 years ago at the age of 42 I went to a local dolls house faire and I was addicted fest I built a house from a box and made things to go in it than a few months later I got one. I was happy and thought that would be it but then someone was selling one the same on eBay it was a good prise and I thought how nice they would look together as I wanted to do 1950s period I thought grate one would be very up to date 1950s and the other could be more old fashioned 1950s with some 30 and 40s things in it the first house was in the dining room but with 2 there was no room so I moved them in to the box room and that is how it started

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