Friday, 31 May 2013

The B&B has been stripped out reedy for the building work to start it does not look very exiting just now but I am hoping to start building walls and decorating very soon. On the ground floor will be the entrance hall and breakfast room on the first floor a double room with Ensuite Shower room and a small double room and on the second floor two single rooms and a bathroom well that’s the plane I will see how it goes when I start. I am hoping to make a complete new front for the building as well.
If the renovation of the B&B works out ok I have another house the same and I will redo that one as well as there are a few things I want to do and don’t have properties to do it. It will be split in to two shops on the ground floor a general store and a fish and chip shop above the general store will be a hairdresser and above the fish shop a cafe on the top floor a think I will just do a small apartment.


Monday, 27 May 2013

More items have been added to sale section of my etsy shop Small Things by Amanda some have been reduced further and for one day you can get 10% off anything in the shop including sale items using the code BLOG10.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Well a lot as happened in the bay since we last visited as you know st Pirans bay is by the sea and as with many seaside towns the land is getting washed away by the sea. When the builders were doing some work in the old side of town they found the whole street was not safe and it had to be demolished. It is a very sad time some lovely old buildings have had to go but the good news is there is going to be lots of work happening on the new side of town. Starting with the long awaited and much needed B&B not a new property but an older one that is going to be redeveloped. There is lots of talk about whom the new owner will be but for now no one knows but work as started and the building is being totally gutted.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Difficult decision time in the bay I am thinking of letting my first 2 houses go the side of the town that I did first that was done in 50s style is hard to get to now the dolls house room is my work room and I did not want to do 50s on the property at the other side of the room I do have a bit more room there than I did before. So I am thinking of letting the first two houses and the shops I made underneath them go to make more work room and then I can just concentrate on some of the things I want to do on the other side . I did think of trying to reuse one of the houses for the B&B that I really want to do but it will mean making a new front as it is a shop front now and would need to be a house. But the size would be just right.

Friday, 10 May 2013

I have had I busy couple of days trying to restock my shop and even been having a play with the living room in my cottage but not sure if it is what I want so I will save that until I have decided. So here are some of the new things for the shop.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

moden pink kitchen

I showed you the pink kitchen I made well I have now got a matching fridge work island and bar stools. It makes a lovely modem kitchen but you have to love pink as it is a bride pink not the lovely soft pink I use for most of my items.