Monday, 26 November 2012

I have added a few things to the shop so thought you might like to see. I am having fun making things for the shop   there are a few more things I want to make but it is filling up nicely

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

what is it

 Well it is a big thing in the bay not just another shop opening but for the first time there is a big high st name coming to the bay. Opinions are divided most of the locals think it is  good  that a big name wants to come to the bay  and they hope it will bring people in from other towns and villages  and be good for local business. Others think it is a bad thing and the whole town will be taken over. I think it will be ok we might see one or two more big  names  but the town planers will make sure most of the shops stay as small local  business with the big names helping to keep the town going in winter  when there are not as many tourists about. So what is it well you will have to come back tomorrow to find out?

A new shop in the bay

There is lots of excitement in the bay today there is a new shop and everyone is waiting to see what it will be. The furniture arrived and then the painters came and painted it in the right colours. So now it is ready for all the new stock to arrive. I am sure the shop will be open very soon.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Christmas cottage

Its bean a bit quiet in the shop this weekend I often find weekends are quieter than weekdays the opposite to what you would expect so I have had some time to think about my Owen houses I really want to get my cottages sorted I know in my head how I want them to look but just cannot work out how to do it I cannot find the things that are just right. I was playing with some things I had for the shop just to see what I can fit in I had a play with the kitchen and then I desired for a bit of fun to put some Christmas things in one room it was nice to see them all together I have paced them away again now but thought you might like to see them.