Sunday, 2 September 2012

When I was out to day I was looking at some lovely dolls house shops and was very tempted to buy one but I do not have the money to spend on a new property just now after two trips to Cornwall and I am trying to get my Etsy shop stoked up but I really wanted one so I compromised and bought this. I know it does not look like much now but I am sure I can make it something lovely and it did not cost much.

What will it be I have so many ideas so I had a meeting with the residents of st Pirans bay and I think after lots of presser from the ladies that it will be the long awaited hair salon named Fresh Hair and will be run by Laura who is waiting to meet you all and I am sure she will pop in very soon to introduce herself. After all the trouble deciding what the new shop will be I now have to decide how it will look and I am having trouble with this. one idea is very modem all black and corm the other is very glamorous gold and marble with a lovely chandelier I just cannot decide.

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