Friday, 21 September 2012

making decisions

Sorry I have not posed for a few days but it has been a difficult time with some big decisions to make but I have finally made them and things already feel so much better. I have given up my job which was hard after12 years but it was affecting my health and just not worth the problems it was coursing. This means I will have lots more time to work on dolls house things and my Etsy shop I have booked a table at a dolls house fair in October and I am looking at it all as a new start. I might even find some time to get to work in the bay sorting out existing properties and starting on new ones.


  1. A hard decision, but I'm sure you haven't made it lightly and it will be for the best. I was so thrilled to find your blog and be able to keep up with you. :-)

  2. thank you christine and i am thrilled you found my blog