Sunday, 17 June 2012

From time to time I like to tell stories about the people who live in the bay and their friends and family.

Did I ever tell you all sir john has a brother Jo. Jo is 2 years younger than john and very different to sir John Jo was always jealous that his older brother would inherit the family home and most of the family money Jo liked to drink and gamble and have lots of fun but the money from his allowance did not go very far so Jo decided he would marry in to money. Jo  married  Sarah Sarah’s family was very rich  and she was the oldest of two girls so it would all be hers when her elderly father who was very ill died  Sara was very sweet and kind but not very pretty and she quickly fell for Jos good looks and charm  not long after they were married her father dyed and everything was Sarah’s  things where ok for a few years but Sarah began to worry about how much Jo was spending and how much time he was away from home and they started to fight about it and Sarah tried to keep the money from Jo just giving him small amounts . Jo did not like Sarah having control over the money and he was having an affair with Sarah’s very pretty best friend sally. Sally and Jo often spoke about how convenient it would be if Sarah was to have a terrible accident and dye then they could have all the money and each other. Sarah liked to walk along the cliff tops every day after lunch and one day when she was out working she fell to her death her body was never found it was believed to have been washed out to see but her bag and part of her cloths where seen on the side of the cliffs and Sarah was gone. Every one said it was very strange how she fell on a dry summer’s day on a path she walked on every day. Jo and sally where married three months after Sarah’s death. After they married  strange things started to happen in the house strange noises where herd at night shadows where seen around the house there was a strange smell of Sarah perfume her cloths where found laid out on the bed as if she was about to dress everywhere Jo went in the house he herd Sarah’s  voice calling him after about a year of this one day the servants found Jo in the bedroom in a corner all he kept saying was she is coming for me it was as if he could not see or hear any one he was taken to hospital in Bodmin  and is still there to this day and the only thing he ever say is she is coming for me sally died about a year after Jo was taken to hospital in a strange accident when the brakes on her car failed and it went over the edge of a cliff. Some people say it was Sarah’s ghost that came back to hornet them others believe Sarah never died but fell on to a ledge on the side of the cliff and climbed up when no one was looking and hid in the house to get her revenge.

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