Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Some of the items in my Etsy shop will be part of a collections if you buy any item from a collection you will know any paint paper or fabric used will be the same on all items in the collection allowing you to buy items at the same time or at different times and they will always be the same I have added two to start with the st Ives collection it is painted white and has a blue and cream spotted paper to compliment the white paint. Roseland collection is hand painted in a fresh white paint and has been distressed to give it an aged shabby look of an old peace of furniture that has been in the family for years and finished with a pretty red rose. I will be adding more items to these collections.


  1. You have some nice pieces there. Well done.

  2. Thank you I thought it would be nice if people could by things a bit at a time and now it will all go together I will add items to each collection over time the st Ives is my faverit I think I will be using some of that in harbour cottage