Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Still not a lot happening in the bay it’s not looking good  for the extra rooms on the holiday let getting  finished for the bank holiday  the weather is holding up the wall  to go in-between  the bedroom and bathroom  and we are waiting for  delivery of  the beds  when they arrive they will need to be finished  they are unfinished and I need to decide do I paint them or use a wood stain then I will need to make the bedding  I am not Shure about coolers  yet I will have to see what I have to make it with really not Shure how I want it to look. I am feeling a bit down because I have so many ideas for things I would love to do in the bay but I really have run out of room cannot see where I can squeeze any more property’s in I suppose I should concentrate on finishing some of the ones I have the sweet shop and the fish shop really need a lot of attention and one of the cottages needs doing but I keep seeing property’s and having new ideas

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