Tuesday, 7 July 2015

a few changes in Harbour Cottage I have lots of adult bedrooms but really wanted to do a child's bedroom  Harbour Cottage only has 3 rooms but has fals doors so i have always imagined it would have more rooms at the back so decided it was ok to do the only bedroom as a child's room as the adult one would be at the back along with the bathroom and we just can not see them. This cottage was always meant to be how I would do it if it was my real house by the sea so i am doing the bedroom how I know my granddaughter would love her seaside bedroom to be. It needs lots more things but i like how it is so far. I have also finally got around to painting the kitchen dresser and table and added some lovely food  a lovely lunch of quiche and salad is being prepared before everyone goes of for an afternoon at the beach.

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