Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Its bean a long time sins I posted anything as I have not got anything done on the B&B. as you all know my dolls house are in my work room and it gets very dusty and dirty with all the paint I sometimes use spray paints and in winter cannot work outside but it gets everywhere and so does all the dust from sanding items all the time. The B&B had no front on as the original one was a shop front and was no good for the B&B. I thought about having one made but don’t really have the money spar just now and the inside is starting to get dirty. I had I front that I acquired a long time ago that I really like but it was too big so thought it would be no good. I decided to have a go at cutting it down to fit.
This is how it looked before it became the B&B
And the front that was too big

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