Monday, 27 August 2012

Well it has been a busy day I still have a couple ox boxes and selves to sort out but the room is looking so much better I feel like I want to come in here and work now . We moved lots of things out and had a trip to the tip. I have two extra bookcases to store things and room for one more set of drawers.  I got mdf to go on top of the bookcases and covered it in floor tiles these are great as they whip clean and look like stone floor to put my houses on. I cut some card to fit my desk and put the same tiles on it so I do not have to worry about glue or paint when I am working. You can sit on the sofa now so I can have visitors or just get cosy with a dolls house magazine. The inside of my houses looks like there has been an earthquake but I can get to them now to sort them seems like a big job so I will do one at a time till they are all back how they should be.

And best of all a big empty space to fill

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