Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I have just realised I have not told you about the changes I am planning for the bay. When I did the market stall I loved it but I needed more room for what I really wanted so I have been having a play and thinking and I think the plan is what was the sweet shop is going to be an ice-cream paler the market stall will be the sweet shop the soap box will be a homeware shop and when I get a smaller shop to go on the bookcase that will be the soap box I hope you are all following this. I decided to empty the soap box I have put it all safe reedy for the new shop and try some things in the shop it’s not exactly how I want it but I was having a play to see how it would go so her is how it looks for now. It will need a name but I have not come up with anything yet. I probably will not get much done this week as I am getting ready for my tripe to Cornwall and I have had a good week in my shop with  2 orders going to Canada and 1 to America strange to think or my dolls house things all over the world.

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