Friday, 31 May 2013

The B&B has been stripped out reedy for the building work to start it does not look very exiting just now but I am hoping to start building walls and decorating very soon. On the ground floor will be the entrance hall and breakfast room on the first floor a double room with Ensuite Shower room and a small double room and on the second floor two single rooms and a bathroom well that’s the plane I will see how it goes when I start. I am hoping to make a complete new front for the building as well.
If the renovation of the B&B works out ok I have another house the same and I will redo that one as well as there are a few things I want to do and don’t have properties to do it. It will be split in to two shops on the ground floor a general store and a fish and chip shop above the general store will be a hairdresser and above the fish shop a cafe on the top floor a think I will just do a small apartment.


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