Sunday, 13 September 2015

Barnacle cottage Is really coming together now with lots of pretty bits  I poed around for tea the other day and had a good nosy i love the pretty letters on the wall and the old fashioned pink phone on the dresser and love the new blinds st the windows it does not show in the photos but the pink one as little sparkly bits in it I also love the painted coat hangers and lovely worm pink blanket on the bed. I have Just realised I have not told you who lives in this cottage well her name is Louise she is a teacher at a school in a nearby village and is single she grew up in the bay  but her mum and dad moved away about 8 years ago  when Louise

was at university she is single and lives alone but there is someone who she quite likes but more about him another day. Louise is a very girly girl and loves pretty things she prefers older things to very modern style and loves  vintage clothing especially from the 5os.

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