Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sumer is coming to an end sadly I love summer but I am thinking of this week as the last week of summer. I was away a few days last week and no more holidays this year we do usually fit in a last trip to Cornwall in September but not this year. I plan to spend tomorrow cleaning out my work room sorting all the stock and getting organised. Last year September October and November where very busy months for my etsy shop and I am hoping they will be again. I am going to try and get some Christmas items made for the shop. I am also planning on getting my B&B done I have been trying to find wallpaper and just cud not find what I wanted but I have decided I am painting it all white and if I find the right  paper for each room I will just do 1 feature wall. I want to add lots of detail to every room and pictures on the walls so I think this will work better with white walls. So with that decided work will start this week and hopefully it will be finished in time for the start of next year’s summer season. I found a seller on etsy selling the most wonderful cushions and I think I will use some in each room this will be the start of colour and style of the rooms. Funny how you can search for ages  to get the right style for a room and then a small thing like a cushion or a vase or even a picture can be the perfect thing and you can build everything ells in the room around it. Hope everyone has had a good summer and had lovely holidays by the sea and if you are planning for next year there is going to be a brand new B&B in st Pirans bay.

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