Thursday, 14 February 2013

Well I seem to have got over the nursery obsession this week it seems to be designer style items I have been making. I do like the fiddly things like perfume bottles or jewelry it makes a change from painting.


  1. So glamorous! Are they Roxanne's latest acquisitions or are they for your Etsy shop?

    Just as an aside, I looked in at the forum and decided that if I had been choosing favourite properties, your village would have had a vote from me. :-)

    1. Hi Christine hope you are well I do miss you I do not use the forum much these days but do have a catch-up now and then. Thank you for giving me your vote even if it is not on the forum it is still nice. The items are for my etsy shop but I am sure Roxanne would love them in her shop.

    2. The one with the pink suit is already on its way to Brazil