Friday, 11 January 2013

Just to let everyone know I am still having problems uploading photos I have spoken to other people and not everyone is having the problem but many are I hope it will be sorted very soon.

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  1. I hope it is sorted for you soon too! This probably won't help, but have you tried changing browser? I had a similar problem on the DHE forum as well as numerous other glitches and changing from firefox to Chrome fixed that, but others I have read with different forums have problems with Chrome and changing away from it fixes the problem!

    Also, I can only upload from my Picasa album now, not directly from my computer, so need to put the pictures in Picasa then go from there. I like there editing thing (the one NOT labelled Picasa) so it suits me. :-) I didn't set a Picasa album up - blogger did that when I started and I didn't know I had it for a long time, but can't remember how I found it.

    Looking forward to when you photos are back in business!