Sunday, 26 February 2017

Once again it's been too long without posting a lot as happened the shelf with the small shops fell off the wall one night at the end of last year  the shops did not get damaged too much but the contents dis. The shelf is back up but I moved the small beach huts  on to it as they are lighter. The shops are where the huts used to be in the window but are empty just now I could not face redoing what i add done before so will eventually do something new with them. I also felt the room was feeling over crowded so decided to lose the two large properties  one was hair salon  general store and the holiday let the other was the B&B. I did get one new small shop and so moved all the small cottage style houses and shops so they are all together there are now 5 houses and 3 shops all shops will have a busyness upstairs and one downstairs so 6 different shops. One house and one shop are  still  empty. The other houses are all still the same and the general store and hare salon are in the first shop fish and chip shop and cafe in the next. The pub is still at the other side of room and now as an empty space at the side where I would like to do a market or some sort of outside sean. The village hall is at the side of the beach huts.

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